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June 2009

Dear Friend

Today as Ujaas is being launched, I am glad to make a contribution towards the well-designed housing projects that our cities, including Kolkata, need. Ambuja Realty recognises this need and has supported our ideas.

While it is modern in conception, Ujaas will not have typcially modern high-rises. This low-rise development is nestled in a site that has an exciting waterbody, several fully grown trees and birds. You can see these on site today as will be able to enjoy them even when you move in. There will be minimum intervention to the exciting ambience.

With a place like this, you will feel a sense of calm, the serenity of peaceful living; not the anxiety and stress of present day urban life. You will feel that you are truly living in the midst of nature within the urban sprawl. That is what is unique about Ujaas.

All spaces here are designed with the special features of site in mind. Living spaces will have good light, fresh breeze, views and visual connection with nature. Modern conveniences will make these comfortable living spaces. Homes in the true sense of the word.

The landscape will be lush. Each age group within the community will find their own corner in nature's it a play area for tiny tots, an adda space for the elderly or the treadmill overlooking the waterbody for health freaks. The community spaces will offer what an isolated home will not be able to have.

To happy living in Ujaas!

Sohan Nilkanth