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The dwelling units at Ujaas are of different types based on covered area, private gardens and number of bedrooms.This ready reckoner helps you choose your own home.

  • Choose an apartment, based on the number of bedrooms, private garden...
  • Find out from the table which group your apartment belongs to...
    • Type A... 3 BHK
    • Type B... 3 BHK with private garden
    • Type C... 4 BHK
    • Type D... 4 BHK with private garden
    • Type E... G+2 storey townhouses
  • Get to know how many apartments are available and the floors where they are located.
  • To locate the geographical orientation of your chosen apartment, refer to Ujaas Site Plan.
  • In order to check the apartment layout refer to the Floor Plans. The nomenclature of the apartments are...

UJS 030201 means

  • Project UJS
  • Building 03
  • Floor 02
  • Location 01
  • The Floor Plans indicate facilities on each floor like the lift, staircase, neighbouring apartment.
  • The built-up area includes wall thickness on all sides except common walls. Common walls are distributed evenly between the built-up area of adjoining apartments.
  • Common areas and facilities (lift, staircase, lobby, lift machine room and other common built-up areas) are added up and distributed proportionately to each apartment. Covered area is the aggregate of the built-up area and percentage share of the common area plus 1% for campus level infrastructure. Detailed calculation is available in Area Statement brochure.
  • Car parking will be available on the ground level as shown in Floor Plans
Numberof Bedroom Type Total Covered Area (SQFT) Private Garden (SQFT) Total Apartment
per Building
Available on Floor
3 A 1734 - 8 I, II, III, IV
3 B 1937 564*± 1
4 C 2068 - 8 I, II, III, IV
4 D 2159 589**± 1
4 E 3846 983*** 1 Townhouse (Ground, I, II)
*For Building 02 412 SQFT **For Building 02 361 SQFT
For Building 04 435 SQFT For Building 04 338 SQFT
For Building 10 453 SQFT For Building 10 470 SQFT
For Building 12 564 SQFT For Building 12 589 SQFT
For Building 20 290 SQFT For Building 20 356 SQFT


*** Private Garden area for Townhouses 08 and 18 is 900 SQFT each
± These areas can change based on the condition